Town of Bracebridge

Bracebridge, Muskoka
Spring Season

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High Falls

Bracebridge boasts several waterfalls.

A few of them are accessible by land.  Visit the Bracebridge Falls just below the big silver bridge in the centre of Bracebridge.

Wilson's Falls are also accessible and have walking trails nearby.





Bracebridge Falls

Muskoka Bugs

Spring brings with it another season of pesky insects. Mosquitoes and blackflies abound in the areas where standing water makes breeding conditions perfect for these annoying bloodsuckers. With West Nile and so many other 'bug delivered' illnesses around, it's no wonder you hear things like, "I'm not going to Muskoka, the mosquitoes are as big as a truck."

Well, there are a few bugs around here, but not as many as you might think. Sitting in a backyard in Bracebridge, for example, you might never even see a mosquito much less be bitten by one. While it's true that we do have some biting insects, they are primarily in the outlying areas around Muskoka and not in the towns. The wind on the lakes usually keeps them from venturing too far out on our waterways as well, so even though it's a good idea to bring some bug repellent with you, Muskoka is not the pesky insect haven you might think it is.


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